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Git Basics – Branching, Merging and pushing code to Github

If you’re reading this, you hopefully have a basic understanding of what git is, and you know what purpose websites like Github, GitLab and Bitbucket serve. If you don’t, 😱 fear not! I’ve got you covered 👇. Prerequisites What’s the difference between git and Github? A layman’s introduction to git Command Line basics – Codecademy […]

What’s the difference between git and Github?

I had the same question when I started out in software development, but when you understand what git is, knowing the difference between the two is much easier. I’ve given an introduction to git in another post, so check that out before or after glancing at the stuff below. Need a TL;DR, ELI5? Here’s my […]

A layman’s introduction to git

One frustrating aspect of becoming a Software Developer is that the tools and technologies you have to learn are rarely explained or written about from a beginners perspective. I often find I have to read a couple of articles on a certain topic to get a full understanding – even when the topic is really, […]

How to remove white space above header in WordPress

The mysterious white space of WordPress! A common problem and cause of frustration among new WP Template go-getters, trying to throw together their very first template. Fear not!  There is an explanation for this anomaly and it lies in your nearly perfect code.  The white space that you see is actually where the WordPress user […]