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How to set up free hosting

Free hosting?! Rubbish, you say!  Well actually, it does exist. Setting up web hosting is enough of a hassle by itself, let alone having to pay for it too!  The majority of websites out there have traffic levels low enough that they could really survive on free web hosting.  The higher the volume of people […]

What is currently the best forum software? [Updated]

So you want to start an online forum, a message board.  You discover there are a few options available to you, so – which forum software should you use?  The answer is dependent on what your own needs are.  Typically your choices will be either vBulletin, phpBB, Vanilla or Xenforo.  These are the most popular and […]

Essential SEO for images

Whether your site focuses largely on images or not, everyone should be providing as much information as possible for the images they use.  If your site does focus solely on images, i.e. a wallpaper site, you’d be a fool not to provide any more information than the text on the page.

2016 – A new year for SEO and the Webmaster

So, it’s 2016.  I’ve barely just got used to it being 2015! Like every other year, Google will surely be bringing out new algorithm changes, which I will be posting about shortly.  The internet is becoming more and more saturated with low quality websites automated (very poorly automated) to generate content that looks real.  To […]