What is SEO and do I need it?

If you’ve just started out a new website, one of the first things you should have asked yourself is “How do I get people to visit my site?”, and after some searching you discover something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a topic you will want to educate yourself on if you want to drive more people to your website. (more…)

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How to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques

SEO is an often misused art.  When you optimize your site and aren’t sure if you should be doing something or not, a simple rule is to ask yourself if you would be doing such a thing if SEO did not exist.  If not, then it isn’t natural and it probably isn’t a good idea.  If you were working on a new website and had never heard of SEO, you wouldn’t shrink a pile of keywords to the smallest of fonts and put them somewhere out of sight (a method of keyword stuffing), would you? No, because it makes no sense whatsoever and wouldn’t help anybody. (more…)

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