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I’ve just launched a careers service for developers, CareerSage, where I hope to be able to provide career advice to new or existing Devs and Engineers and help them further their career.

class Developer

  def hire_me
    return true if loves_ruby? && has_cover_letter?


Resume or CV writing, I thought, was a skill that everyone had (this stuff is common sense, right?) otherwise I would have launched this service quite a while ago. Turns out, however, that lots of people have terrible or sub-par resumes, and as such, aren’t giving themselves the best chance to land that shiny new position.

I’ve seen a few bad examples, but one that stands out was a colleague of mine in his 40’s who was struggling to get any interviews. My first glance at his resume revealed that he still had his high school grades (which weren’t great) listed, along with several summer jobs as a teenager (I’m quite sure one was working in a cardboard box factory). This individual had since had several good Engineering positions, and one as a Senior Engineer. There comes a point where mentioning your work and educational background does more harm than good.

Who am I?

My name’s Scott. I’m a 29-year-old Software Engineer from the UK. At the moment, I work 100% remotely for an EdTech startup, working with Ruby on Rails. Before jumping into the world of Software, I studied Mechanical Engineering in University and worked in that industry for just over four years.

So, Why Me?

I’m definitely nothing special – but I’ve helped myself get some pretty great jobs, and helped others around me who were struggling to find work. I’ve done this by adapting, and following some basic rules which I learned after doing dozens of interviews. I think I can help you too.

My job history summarised:-

  • Landed a Mechanical Engineering role that was 50% above average graduate salary, after University.
  • Landed a 100% remote Software Engineering position, again above average salary, after completing a bootcamp.
  • Landed another 100% remote Software Engineering position after a year in my previous role, giving me a 20% salary increase.

Remote roles are competitive, but I landed two in a row as a lowly bootcamp grad. Again, I’m nothing special – I just learned how to interview and apply for jobs effectively. Anyone can do this.


  • Resume reviews & redrafts
  • Cover letter reviews & redrafts
  • 1-to-1 Career Guidance Call – 50 mins
  • 1-to-1 Interview Prep Call – 50 mins

If you’re interested in a resume review or redraft, drop me an email at ( or buy via ) – or if you’d like to schedule a call just book below.

If you’re at all unhappy with the service received, then I’ll offer a full refund.

Note: For calls, I’ll reach out to you beforehand for your resume etc to do some prep work. If you have any questions about any of the above – simply drop me an email.

If you’re in the middle of a job search, also check out my recent post on how I landed my first job as a remote Developer – I’ve thrown tons of useful tips in there.

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