Website monetization with Google Adsense – an experiment

An experiment I’m currently undertaking is making a few different templates for sites to see which performs the best.

I’ve had an interest in Adsense, SEO, the general topic area surrounding getting traffic to your website and making a profit from this, for a long time.  I’ll first share a few brief points I’ve noticed before I move on to the template or formula for sites of mine which are most successful.

Before you start any project, it’s worth keeping in mind that it will be a while before you notice results.  If you have a relentless work ethic, you might be lucky enough to hit a traffic stream after a month or so.  Typically it will be at least a few months before you have any significant traffic or profits.  You need to be in it for the long run.  Patience, and persistent hard work is the winning combination here, above any “formula” that anyone can give you.  Keeping this in mind, there are certainly methods which work better than others and can save you a lot of time.

The formula I’m going to describe below is one I’ve had work with a reasonable amount of success and seems to be the most consistent working method.  No, I’m not a millionaire from using this, and if I was I’m not sure if I would share this nifty little template with the world!  Anyway, I’ve noticed the method below to work well, and combined with hard work and persistence (things I’m running low on at the moment…) I would say you are likely to make some money if you’re smart about your approach.

The Formula :-

Site’s I’ve made myself have had a decent adsense output when I followed the layout of this formula.  I’ve also noticed a couple of websites for sale on Flippa also using this, and these sites tended to be minimizing the work input and maximizing the revenue, enough of a confirmation for me that if you put in the hours, you’ll get a good return.

The basic layout you should follow is to find a niche where people will be searching for something when they are in a… I guess desperate state.  The best example I’ve seen is for a Hair Loss site, making revenue from hair growth products.  This site followed the formula perfectly (almost), so I will use it as an example below.

  • First of all, design of the site.  You need something very simple, and professional.  A basic two palette layout with a charicature and a logo at the top are enough.
  • A navbar on the left for example, with say 5 different pages.
  • Four pages describe 4 different hair loss products, with an ad to “Buy” at the top of each page, this would work with either adsense or amazon.
  • A home page with all the general info you need about hair loss.  Good informative writing here is essential.
  • A few extra pages, one or two, describing other things like “Hair growth cycles” for example.
  • SEO – For each of your 4-6 pages, there should be a link from the footer and navbar with your chosen anchor text.


And..  I guess that’s it, or the carcass of it anyway.  Other smaller things you do can only help in the long run, such as running a blog along side for link and authority building, commenting on do-follow sites, choosing a good website title and domain name, bolding certain text on your site.

The main point is that people are searching for something here with the mindset that they need to find a product to fix their problem of hair loss – so their end goal after their search is to buy something (their end goal is obviously to grow some hair back but you know what I mean).

If niches like this were easy to find, everyone would be at it.  It does require a bit of thought but just think of things where a person will be searching for some information to back up a product or service, because once you give them this information, they will be wanting to invest some money, and that’s when they click on an ad.

I’m not a fan of “auto-pilot” sites which have useless information on them, and I don’t condone the creation of these sites.  Only if your site has genuinely useful information for the user will it make any sort of profits.

Let us know below if you try this method out, or if you’ve found something better ;)

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