How to filter your own visits/IP address from Analytics

Starting a new website and obsessively checking analytics daily to see if Google has rewarded you with a high ranking result?  You might want to filter your own IP address first!

On your analytics home page, hit the “Admin” tab at the top right of the screen. After this you want to go to the options on the left under your selected account and select “All filters”.


Analytics Admin > All Filters > Exclude IP Address


You then need to name your filter, and you can then either exclude traffic from a certain IP address (your own, for instance), or you can include traffic only for a certain IP if you want to see only traffic from one or a range of IP addresses, for whatever reason.

To find out what your own IP address is, use this handy website – (or you can actually just search “What is my IP ” in Google and it will tell you.

Once you put in the IPs you want to include/exclude, you can then add which of your sites you want this filter to be applied to and your visits to your own websites will no longer be logged.

For more information you can check out the Google support page –