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Careers Advice for Developers

I’ve just launched a careers service for developers, CareerSage, where I hope to be able to provide career advice to new or existing Devs and Engineers and help them further their career. Resume or CV writing, I thought, was a skill that everyone had (this stuff is common sense, right?) otherwise I would have launched […]

How I landed my first job as a remote Junior Developer

I graduated from a Software Development Bootcamp back in early 2018 and landed my first job as a (remote) Ruby Developer within a few months of graduating. My entire class of twenty had jobs within four months. There’s clearly a growing global demand for Developers, but as a result, it’s an increasingly competitive space. There’s […]

Git Basics – Branching, Merging and pushing code to Github

If you’re reading this, you hopefully have a basic understanding of what git is, and you know what purpose websites like Github, GitLab and Bitbucket serve. If you don’t, 😱 fear not! I’ve got you covered 👇. Prerequisites What’s the difference between git and Github? An introduction to git for beginners Command Line basics – […]

What’s the difference between git and Github?

I had the same question when I started out in software development, but when you understand what git is, knowing the difference between the two is much easier. I’ve given a beginners introduction to git in another post, so check that out before or after glancing at the stuff below. Need a TL;DR, ELI5? Here’s […]