How to set up free hosting

Free hosting?! Rubbish, you say!  Well actually, it does exist.

Setting up web hosting is enough of a hassle by itself, let alone having to pay for it too!  The majority of websites out there have traffic levels low enough that they could really survive on free web hosting.  The higher the volume of people coming through your website, the more you have to pay for a faster web server in order to keep your site loading quick enough and prevent the site from crashing. (more…)

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What is Google Adsense and how does it work?

Google Adsense is one of many (and arguably the best) online programs available for website owners to publish adverts on their website in return for revenue.

Website owners simply sign up to the program for free, get provided with a small snippet of code to paste into their website wherever they want their ads to appear and viola, that’s it.  You can then generate revenue from the ads every time a person clicks on one.  How much you earn is dependent on two main factors; the volume of traffic going through your site and the topic area of your site.

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How to filter your own visits/IP address from Analytics

Starting a new website and obsessively checking analytics daily to see if Google has rewarded you with a high ranking result?  You might want to filter your own IP address first!

On your analytics home page, hit the “Admin” tab at the top right of the screen. After this you want to go to the options on the left under your selected account and select “All filters”.

Analytics Admin > All Filters > Exclude IP Address


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