How to set up free hosting

Free hosting?! Rubbish, you say!  Well actually, it does exist.

Setting up web hosting is enough of a hassle by itself, let alone having to pay for it too!  The majority of websites out there have traffic levels low enough that they could really survive on free web hosting.  The higher the volume of people coming through your website, the more you have to pay for a faster web server in order to keep your site loading quick enough and prevent the site from crashing. (more…)

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What is currently the best forum software? [Updated]

So you want to start an online forum, a message board.  You discover there are a few options available to you, so – which forum software should you use?  The answer is dependent on what your own needs are.  Typically your choices will be either vBulletin, phpBB, Vanilla or Xenforo.  These are the most popular and hence have the most online support.  Going further, for the more technical web users among us, you have more opensource choices like the Stackoverflow style (available on Google code) and now the reddit software, granted you will have a mission on your hands trying to install it on your server and administrating it (unless you’re familiar with linux).


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