Multiple pages or one landing page?

Websites of the initial internet era in the 90′s were comprised of basic HTML and little more, with very little in the way of design put into them, until the creation of ‘CSS’ (Cascading Style Sheets) came along and became more prominently used, allowing for a greater range of style to be added to the […]

2016 – A new year for SEO and the Webmaster

So, it’s 2016.  I’ve barely just got used to it being 2015! Like every other year, Google will surely be bringing out new algorithm changes, which I will be posting about shortly.  The internet is becoming more and more saturated with low quality websites automated (very poorly automated) to generate content that looks real.  To […]

How to filter your own visits/IP address from Analytics

Starting a new website and obsessively checking analytics daily to see if Google has rewarded you with a high ranking result?  You might want to filter your own IP address first! On your analytics home page, hit the “Admin” tab at the top right of the screen. After this you want to go to the […]

The formula for a website that makes money from Adsense

An experiment I’m currently undertaking is making a few different templates for sites to see which performs the best. I’ve had an interest in Adsense, SEO, the general topic area surrounding getting traffic to your website and making a profit from this, for a long time.  I’ll first share a few brief points I’ve noticed […]