The formula for a website that makes money from Adsense

An experiment I’m currently undertaking is making a few different templates for sites to see which performs the best.

I’ve had an interest in Adsense, SEO, the general topic area surrounding getting traffic to your website and making a profit from this, for a long time.  I’ll first share a few brief points I’ve noticed before I move on to the template or formula for sites of mine which are most successful.

Before you start any project, it’s worth keeping in mind that it will be a while before you notice results.  If you have a relentless work ethic, you might be lucky enough to hit a traffic stream after a month or so.  Typically it will be at least a few months before you have any significant traffic or profits.  You need to be in it for the long run.  Patience, and persistent hard work is the winning combination here, above any “formula” that anyone can give you.  Keeping this in mind, there are certainly methods which work better than others and can save you a lot of time. (more…)

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