How to remove white space above header in WordPress

The mysterious white space of WordPress – a common problem and cause of frustration among new WP Template go getters, trying to throw together their very first template. Fear not!  There is an explanation for this anomaly and it lies in your nearly perfect code.  The white space that you see is actually where the […]

The Disqus commenting system : Good for your website!

Last year at some point, I stumbled upon the new disqus commenting platform.  I only got around to installing it recently, but I’m glad I did. I was at first slightly confused when I flicked through their website, coming across this post about SSO (single sign on) support.  For this new plugin, they were charging […]

What is currently the best forum software? [Updated]

So you want to start an online forum, a message board.  You discover there are a few options available to you, so – which forum software should you use?  The answer is dependent on what your own needs are.  Typically your choices will be either vBulletin, phpBB, Vanilla or Xenforo.  These are the most popular and […]

The problem of users not receiving their activation emails

The problem of users not receiving their activation emails is a common one, and especially annoying if you are a new web forum desperately trying to grow your memberbase.  Fortunately, the problem is well documented but a clear solution to the problem remains to be seen.  It’s another case of throw as many things at […]